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A VISIONARY – Dedicated to the cause

Dedicated to the cause of patients with hearing and speech impediments

Dr. Aparna has a Postgraduate Degree in HLS from the prestigious National Institute of Hearing Impairment (AYJNIHH),Secunderabad. Her experiences widespread and encompasses different areas both in research and teaching.She has served in various reputed institutes of higher learning as an Associate Professor and also earned a Masters Degree and M.phil in Psychology.

She specializes in early detection and intervention of speech and hearing impairments and has carried out speech and hearing programs for both children and neonates.


Our team of experienced and qualified Audiologists undertakes all kinds of hearing tests like New Born screening, PTA, Impedence, BERA, etc. and also have experience with regard to all types of hearing aids, starting from the standard to the most advanced option. Our experts provide solution for all lifestyle needs e.g. swimming ear plugs, noise muffs/plugs etc.

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